I AM Yoga Nidra

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is a guided sleep-based meditation. It is a practice that is even deeper and has more benefits than biological sleep. During a Yoga Nidra session, the facilitator guides you through a series of breath, body and awareness techniques that help to relax even the busiest of minds so you may enter a peaceful state where deep healing can occur. Students are often lying down or if that is not available as comfortable as possible and the facilitator will give verbal guided instruction throughout the session with some pauses for the mind to integrate.

In today's society, we are constantly doing. Our TO DO lists seem to never really end. The brain and nervous system is constantly getting the signal that it needs to be on and alert.  Even when our body tells us we need rest, we may push past that message and look to caffeine to get us through our next task we HAVE to do right now. Our bodies get use to always being in motion and going that it becomes out of the ordinary and maybe even difficult to relax the mind and the body. This is where disease, anxiety and insomnia show up. We put pressure on ourselves to look, feel, be a certain way to be accepted. 

Trauma has also become more abundant for people of all ages and can be a sensitive subject for some to seek help with. Trauma is defined as a blow that breaks one's defenses so suddenly and with such force that one cannot effectively respond. By this definition it is not a disorder or illness but an injury to the psyche that can be healed. Trauma has many forms and levels, but causes immense grief.

Yoga Nidra provides a healthy way to cope with the stresses and changes of life. Instead of avoiding or numbing the mind from addressing the events we encounter it helps us to find peace with situations and respond to challenge from a place of clarity. Yoga Nidra helps to facilitate what the body does naturally and that is HEAL itself. We can heal the body from the inside out.

"Yoga Nidra is a meditation technique that harnesses the biological process of sleep for a spiritual purpose. Using a series of breath, body, and awareness techniques, Yoga Nidra consciously follows the brainwaves down towards sleep where thoughts naturally distance themselves. Here we can easily enter the gap between us and our thoughts and re-establish the experiential knowing that we are more than what the mind thinks."

-Kamini Desai PhD, Yogeshwari

  Education Director, Amirt Yoga Institute 

A Yoga Nidra session lasts about an hour and is a practice that is attainable to EVERY body. So weather you're wanting to make peace, find healing, or just relax... give the mind and body some much needed rest.

More information below on how Yoga Nidra can help you or someone you know!

Disclaimer: Yoga Nidra is not a substitute for any regimen or therapies recommended by a medical professional, but can be used to compliment and enhance any current therapy.

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