Yoga Modalities

Restorative Yoga


A Yoga practice consisting of few relaxing postures supported by props such as blankets, pillows, chairs, etc. Aimed at gently opening the body and increasing flexibility while relaxing. Because each pose is highly supported with props, each pose is held for longer periods to help the body to melt into the posture. This type of Yoga is very helpful and accessible for any body type. Sessions are 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Hatha Yoga


Traditionally familiar Yoga. Through movement and postures we aim to connect the mind, body and spirit. Postures pose a challenge and we are able to exercise a healthy mindset in the midst of this challenge. These postures gently stretch the body, build endurance and create space in the body for more flexibility. Each session is 1 hour and 20 minutes.


Wanderful Yoga


The earth has amazing healing properties. When was the last time you made contact with the earth without shoes on? This type of contact is referred to as "earthing" and can help to balance the energy of the body, Come get some Mother Nature therapy! Let’s explore and do some Yoga! Yoga Nidra in hammocks available on request. I'd love to take you to places I've been! Visit my photo gallery for destination locations!

Email with desired location for pricing and arrangements.

More Info on Earthing!

Tension Release and Restoration


This Yoga practice aims to fatigue the psoas muscle which is the primary connective muscle for the upper and lower half of the body. A lot of stress and tension is held in the psoas muscle and by holding yoga postures that aim to fatigue it we are better able to release the held tension through a "tremor" sequence at the end of the practice. During this sequence the legs will be allowed to shake to release stress and tension followed of course by a relaxing savasana to integrate and restore the body. 

Sound Healing


Sound healing can be used in combination with any of the previously discussed modalities. It can also be used on its own to heal and balance energies. Singing bowls and gong vibrations can be used with emphasis on imbalanced chakras to help reset and relax the body. In this practice, the participant lies in a comfortable position and receives the sound healing in a relaxed state.

Email with questions or if interested in this type of session.